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Handplane is now a full baking tool. Check out our website at www.handplane3d.com

2/5/2017 - v 0.9.4

*Fixed curvature maps not using smooth high res normals.

*Added an option to automatically normalize curvature maps by computing the max curvature generated.

*Added hotkeys: ctrl+o, ctrl-s, ctrl-shift-s, ctrl-n, alt-f4, ctrl-b (bake)

*Added Thickness map output

*Handplane now displays the name of the current project file

*Added logic to protect users from losing unsaved changes to the current project.

*Fixed a bug in AO causing some sample counts to generate slightly dark results.

*Users can now drag and drop a project file to load it.

*Changed ray miss color for curvature maps to middle grey

*Changed ray miss color for AO to black

11/12/2016 - v 0.9.3

*Fixed Issue where some users reported not having the correct Visual C++ distribution after installation

*Pressing the bake button while in progress now cancels the bake

*8 bit TGA output

*Added dithering for 8 bit outputs

*Fixed PNG not writing correctly for some users

*Added an option to generate smooth highpoly normals when no mesh normals are found

*Improved loading of mesh normals for high poly models

*Improved stability with large resolution and high sample count bakes

*Added option to suppress warnings for mesh triangulation

*Set default back ray distance to 5

*Added a button next to the output path that opens the output folder in explorer

*Included our old tangent space calculator, handplane 1.6 in the installer

5/10/2016 - v 0.9.2

*Fixed crashes exposed by meshes missing important information (texture coordinates, normals)

*Added notification for bake failures when models are missing texture coordinates, normals, or other critical info.

5/9/2016 - We just released a new version 0.9.1

*Fixes FBX issues some users were having

*Sets default image format to tiff

*Warns users if they are baking without an output folder set.

Grab a new download from gumroad and run the installer to update.

Also, please post bugs and feeback in our polycount thread so we can make the tool better:


A note about the email list:

Occasionally I see users download or sign up with fake@fake.com or something along those lines. We won't spam you or send you promotions. On average we have sent 3-5 emails per year. Also, starting in 2017 we will be ending our mailchimp list and relying on gumroad to send out update information. Between now and January 2017, it may be possible for you to receive an email twice if you are on both lists.

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handplane baker

103 ratings
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